ALEXAND, consists of the two Miyazawa. Started their full-scale activity in spring of 2008.

 They started to look for members and participated in the 125th Anniversary Memory Contest of GRETSCH, a musical instrument company in U.S. ALEXAND entered their song "Sincere" in The Next Gretsch Greats Unsigned Artist Competition. Out of more than 850 unsigned and independent artists from seven countries (U.S., U.K., Japan, Canada, Germany, France and Spain) who entered the contest, ALEXAND made it to the top 10 finalist. They were not selected as a prize winner but, a very heart warming letter from Mr.Fred Gretsch received. For ALEXAND, the contest was truly quite an honor and a great experienced that helped them gain confidence to continue their love for creating music and arrangement with their hearts.

About Collaboration

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 We would like to complete our songs, with this we hope for those who would share us their talent on singing. But not as a band member. On the internet collaboration only.
We are also hoping for the collaboration of musician, illustrator, designer etc.
Please contact us. Let's cross the border line and let's create music.